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Friday, February 18, 2011

Printz Award Winner: Ship Breaker

Ship Breaker
by Paolo Bacigalupi
Printz Award Winner 2011

This is the story of a young boy named Nailer who is a ship breaker.  This means that he works inside wrecked ships and oil tankers pulling out all the copper wire.  I love how the book jacket looks like it is made of copper.  We see how rough life is for young Nailer working the light crew on the ships and then dealing with his drug addicted, abusive father.  After a bad storm, Nailer finds a young girl alive on a wrecked ship.  Will this young girl be Nailer's ticket to a better life?  Will he always live the life of a ship breaker?  Who is this young girl and where did she come from?  What will happen to Nailer's father?  You must read this novel to find out, it is full of action, drama, suspense, and even a little romance.  This is one of those novels that will leave you wanting more of the characters in the story.

Check out this video of the author talking about the book:

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