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Friday, June 10, 2011

Author/Illustrator Highlight: Lois Ehlert

 What is your favorite illustration style?  Mine has to be the use of collage.  My favorite collage illustrator is Lois Ehlert.  Her latest book is:

by Lois Ehlert

This story features a dog that can talk.  He answers his owner's questions with the following words:  Ralph, Roof, Bark, Rough, Wolf and Yep.  It is a cute story that young children are sure to enjoy.  Besides the illustrations, I loved the text usage.  When Ralph is speaking the text is dark black and large.  I also love the use of everyday items in the collage illustrations.  What is Ralph's nose made out of?  A pop can tab!  His eyes appear to be buttons and his teeth are a zipper.

Here are some other books by Ehlert that show her fascinating illustration style:


And here are some of her other great books:


Many of Ehlert's books are also available in Spanish versions.

Here are some websites to check out to learn more:

A video interview with Lois Ehlert from Reading Rockets

A Brief Biography and Review of her books

A great Lois Ehlert Author Study

There is also this great book full of wonderful activities related to her books:

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